Ekotek Boiler is Quality

EKOTEK KAZAN founded in 1999 by mechanical engineer. EKOTEK KAZAN heat devices grew stronger and became company in 2004 as EKOTEK Boiler Machinery Industry and LLC. EKOTEK  KAZAN is producing high quality products with experience in heating systems for 15 years. Quality of our products proved by CE, EN ISO 9001:2000 certificates and university efficiency reports.

As we EKOTEK KAZAN, we are serving our customers either industrial or civil type with the help of our large product range;

  • Solid Fuel Automatic / Manual Feeding House Type Boiler
  • Solid Fuel Automatic / Manual Central Heating Systems
  • Thermal Oil Boiler
  • Hot Water Boiler
  • Scotch Type Steam Boiler
  • Semi-Cylindrical Steam Boilers
  • Warm Air Boiler
  • Cyclone Filter

EKOTEK KAZAN is becoming one of the largest boiler manufacturer in Turkey with the exceptional dealer and service network.

With the increasing purchasing demand from foreign countries; EKOTEK KAZAN is ready to serve with the developed, experienced foreign trade department.


EKOTEK KAZAN Solid Fuel Boilers are with CE certificate which is trade requirement in EU.

EKOTEK KAZAN helps to protect the environment with highly efficient and eco-friendly products.
As we EKOTEK KAZAN, our main goal is serving our customers with high technology and high productive large product range.

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