Automatic Feeding Solid Fuel Central Heating Systems

Type: Central Heating System
Capacity :

Between 80.000 Kcal/h – 1.500.000 Kcal/h

Power : 93 KW – 1.745 KW
Fuel Type : Coal, Prina, Pellet, Hazelnut Shell etc.
Certificate : CE, ISO 9001:2008
Warranty: 2 Years




General Information

EKOTEK Central Heating Boiler;

  • have been desinged to operate in apartment blocks, factories etc. with high efficiency.
  • works quiet, doesn’t cause any noise pollution.
  • can burn coal, wood pellet, prina, hazelnut shell or any granule fuel.
  • works with less fuel, make saving for big apartments expense.
  • saves fuel with using thermostat control panel.
  • can also burn natural gas and oil with the addition of burner.
  • is safe and prevents gas explosion.
  • is easy to install and service.
  • certificated with CE and ISO.

Technical Information

Katı Yakıtlı Merkezi Sistem Kalorifer

Solid Fuel Central Heating

  • Easy to install; easy to maintanence.
  • Ekotek Boiler is efficient; with the help of tubular system.